Five on Friday

Friday, September 13, 2013

Joining the link-up again this week!

five on friday

Five things that have me super excited.


The weather this weekend.


Can I get a heeeell yeah? (heeeeellll yeah!). I plan on being outside all weekend thankyouverymuch.


Atlanta BBQ Festival with friends. It’s outside, so it could be Atlanta Dog Poo Festival and I would be pumped.


Ok, maybe not. But fun friends + amazefest weather + (hopefully) delicious food = a pretty awesome Saturday.


Umm, I just bought tickets to Elton John. Tony and I may be the only ones under 60 there, but long hair don’t care. I’m SO excited I can’t even stand it. Although purchasing them might have been the most stressful thing ever. I LOVE me some Elton John so it was worth it. Fun fact: Tony and my first dance song was EJ’s “Your Song”. And you’ve seen the print in E’s room:

Emerson's Nursery (10)

C’mon November 16th!


This may be our first time using a babysitter. AH! #worthit


Vacay next weekend. Woop! Woop! We’re heading to Boston & The Cape to spend a long weekend with dear friends. I cannot wait! Not as exciting, our 7:30a flight. Um, what was I thinking? Fun fact #2: Tony and I were engaged in Boston.


Can’t wait to bring E to those little duckies! Also, please ignore my fug outfit.


The new iPhone!


I’ve been saving my upgrade for the new ones to come out. This is the first time ever I’m due for an upgrade at the right time (holla!). To be honest, I was all “oh, I’ll wait for the new ones to come out and then I’ll get the 5 for cheap”. But now I don’t think I can live without the colors! or perhaps the thumbprint security scan! AH! I’m a marketers dream. read: #imasucker

Hope y’all have a great weekend! I can’t leave ya without a picture of the worlds cutest:



  1. Every iphone upgrade that has come out has come out around my birthday. I've wished for them every year...nada! This year the new $100 bill is being released a few days before my birthday. I'm asking for a few hundred of those instead of the iphone. #dearhusband

    1. HA! Love it! You better get it too!

      They only reason the upgrade worked out for me this year is because Tony's phone got smashed a few months ago and I let him use my upgrade. I'll take it! :)

  2. I'm in Charlotte and I'm also looking forward to some cooler temps this weekend. Hallelujah!

    Also, your little Emerson is adorable :)

    1. We have tons of friends in CLT! Love it there!

      Thank you :)

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  4. aw, did Tony get someone to take pictures when he proposed? I wish mine would have!

    1. He did! It's pretty cool to have those pics!


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