6 & 7 Months Must Haves & Favorites

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1. Bright Stars Table – My parents bought this for E for Christmas and she LOVES it. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she walked before she crawled (seriously). She loves to stand up and can do it completely unassisted by me when she is at a table/ottoman/couch (I’m obviously right there ready to catch her when she falls). This table keeps her occupied for a long time with all of its fun gadgets and songs.
2. Baby Einstein Musical Turtle – Oh this turtle. The lights, the songs.. she’s obsessed. Tony and I bought it for her a month or so ago and she loves banging on the different buttons.
3. Blabla – I really wanted her to have a “special” stuffed animal like I did when I was little. These Blabla animals are so soft and cute. Plus it’s a local Atlanta company, which I love! She actually really likes “Lulu” (her name is Fleur, but my mom and I didn’t like that name as much, so we renamed her) and has a ball chewing on her ears :).
4. Lolla Cup – Tony and I love Shark Tank, and this cup is from a couple that went on the show. I bought it for her and started offering it to her when we started solids at 6 months. At first she didn’t know what to do with it (other than bang it on her tray), but now she sips down water like a champ. I decided to just go ahead with a straw cup rather than a traditional sippy cup in hopes that would be one less thing to ‘transition’, and it seems to have worked!
5. OXO Sprout High Chair – I LOVE this highchair. It’s easy to clean and looks nice (as far as high chairs go). Pretty much all you can ask for in terms of a high chair!
6. Bath Toys – Now that E takes “big girl” baths we gave her some toys to play with and she has a ball! I just need to get this to make clean up and storage of those easy!
7. Taggies Blanket – My sister-in-law gave this to me and said that her kiddos loved playing with all the tags on their toys. Sure enough, E was having more fun playing with the tags on her toys than with the actual toys. I gave this blanket to her and she loves feeling all of the tags. Though the tag she loves most? The “real” one for the blanket. Ha!
8. Itsy Ritzy High Chair Cover – I love putting this in the cart and high chairs when we go out. It keeps her nice and clean, not to mention comfortable since it’s pretty plush. I love this pattern, too.
9. Pancake Pan – I love this pan so much, it’s perfect for baby-sized pancakes (recipe tomorrow!) and making scrambled egg patties.
10. Skip Hop Foam Mat – Since we have wood floors I wanted to have a spot she could play on that wasn’t really hard. I picked these up for her at Buy Buy Baby and am really happy with them. Though my house is starting to look like a freaking day care. #thingsisaidwouldneverhappen
11. Little Tikes Piano – Another fun toy she likes to bang on. This classic piano is a fun one to have around!
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  1. Peyton had one of those tables at daycare (but a very pink, girly version), and it was his favorite toy there! I said I wouldn't have baby crap all over my house. We did for a few months, but once he was up and walking everywhere I was able to move all the toys back into his room. Now I just have to make sure he doesn't drag everything out into the living room...

  2. Great list! My little girl would love all of this!


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