Emerson’s First Christmas

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Well, well, well. I’m so behind my head is spinning. I have her 7 month post to put up, 6 & 7 month favorites post to write, Baby Led Weaning post to finish up and of course re-cap our Christmas break up north. Wah.

I’ll start with our Christmas trip back home to Northern Virginia. Actually I’ll start from a few days before we left when we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Holiday Light Show. We went past E’s bed time, so I wasn’t sure how she was going to do, but she pretty much just slept in her stroller. She’s our little trooper, that’s for sure.


Once up in NoVA we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off to see as many people as we could. My best friends and I always have a little gift exchange brunch that I look forward to. This year was even more fun since two of them just got engaged (!!) and of course because E was a part of the group this year!

E with her sweet aunties.

Everyone was far too generous to both me and E, but we did love our gifts!


In my family it is a (German) tradition to open our gifts after dinner on Christmas Eve-night. We let E break the rules and open before dinner since she needed to go down to bed by 7.


Once she opened her gifts and went to sleep we had our dinner (fondue) and then opened gifts while we watched A Christmas Story (duh).

Christmas morning we woke up and went to Tony’s parents’ house to open gifts with his family.

After gifts we ate brunch and hung out a while before going back to my parents’ and celebrating my dad’s birthday (another reason we do Christmas gifts on Christmas-Eve, to leave Christmas for celebrating his birthday). The day after Christmas we headed up to Tony’s parents’ ski house in western Virginia. I have never skied before, so I was nervous to try (um, taking care of a baby with a broken arm seems less than ideal). I didn’t ski the first day, but went the second and managed to have a good time. Despite the fact all I really did was snow-plow down the mountain.


Unfortunately that night I came down with a stomach bug and spent the next 2 days puking. Also less than ideal? Trying to take care and breastfeed a baby while not even being able to hold down water. That sucked. Thank God for daddy who stepped up big time for me big time!

And then, just like that we were back in Atlanta for New Years Eve.

EDIT: I couldn’t write about our Christmas without including this epic family picture. I owe Tony BIG TIME for going along with this. Thanks, babe!



  1. You guys take the cutest family pictures!!

    Christmas in Seattle flew by for me too, we had to meet up with a lot of our wedding vendors since we won't be back to Seattle till the wedding on top of trying to spend as much time with my family as we could, so fun but too fast!

  2. where is your scarf from (in the pic with your friends at brunch?) it is beautiful.


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