Emerson’s First Birthday

Sunday, May 18, 2014











We had such an amazing time celebrating our girl’s first birthday with family and friends. We are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives, and I am so thankful to them for the love they give to our little family of three (four if you count Masey, which we do!).  I had so much fun putting this party together for E, and though I know she won’t remember it, I hope she could feel the love from this day. It’s kind of amazing how fast this time has flown by, but I am so grateful for every day that I have with her. Even the super whiny days :).

When Emerson was born Bruno Mars’ song “Treasure” was on the radio, and I used to sing it to her all the time. The line “you’re my golden star” was the inspiration for the party, hence all the gold and stars, and the pink is just a given. I think it all came together perfectly and I loved the was so happy with the way everything looked.

Thank you to everyone who came near and far to celebrate E, we love you!


  1. Loved all the details of your party. Perfect for your lil star! Happy birthday sweet girl

  2. what a little cutie feeding you both!!

    Such a fun idea for her party, you're so creative!

  3. i love her shirt. where did you get it?


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