Ohio Wedding

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Last weekend Tony, E, and I headed up to Ohio to celebrate the wedding of Tony’s cousin, Emily.

577   ^^^family airplane selfie

E was a total rockstar and hung out happily on the plane before passing out HARD on me. Be still my heart. This never happens anymore!

579  586

We were invited to the rehearsal dinner which was so fun. The grooms family is from Texas, so they had a Texas-style barbeque catered. It was delicious! It was also so fun to see Tony’s family again. We hadn’t seen most of them since our wedding over 5 years ago.

Saturday E and I missed the ceremony since it was an hour mass right at nap time (aka ticket for the hot mess express had we of gone). We were able to sneak up in to the choir seating and catch the tail end.


After taking a big family photo we headed to the reception to party!


  ^^^E was tearing up the dance floor all night.. well, until about 8p when I brought her to the babysitter at our hotel.

The reception was in a country club on a beautiful golf course. The perfect place for photo ops, obviously!

We were supposed to get family pictures taken in May, but our date got rained out. The next closest date both mine and the photographers schedules matched up is not until July 20th (wah, I was reallllly trying to avoid the heat!). I guess these will have to hold me over until then.


Here is E and Tony’s parents.

And the grandparents with all of the grandkids. E has 6 cousins that I can’t wait for her to be able to play with!

Trying to get a picture of 7 kids is like herding cats. This was the best one… by far. Oh well, they are all in the same picture, and that’s all that matters, right? Hoping to see them all in August at the beach (not too sure if that’s actually going to happen thanks to Tony’s work schedule), if we make it we can try again then.

Emily looked absolutely gorgeous and I didn’t see a smile leave her or her husbands face the entire day. Their wedding day was just perfect!

We had such a fun little trip, and it’s always so nice to see family since we live so far away.

Until next time!


  1. Do you still use the 50mm when you are shooting outdoors?

    1. My one & only. I've bought a new camera and 50 since I've seen you last, and it's the bomb.

  2. Where are the red shoes from and are they comfy? You guys are such a cute family!


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